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Almanzo Gravel Races

Location: Spring Valley, MN United States
Length: 1 Day
Dates: May 19, 2017
Difficulty: Intermediate,Hard
Company: Spring Valley
Spring Valley
  • Road Bike
  • Cyclecross/Gravel
  • Single Day
  • Gravel

Almanzo offers 100/162/380 mile courses. It is a self-supported gravel road bicycle race that winds its way around the hills and valleys of Fillmore County in Southeastern Minnesota. Starting in Spring Valley, this event has become the high water mark for the gravel bicycle racing community.

Almonzo 100 Logo

This is one of the premier gravel races during the year with riders from around the country riding the 100, Royal 162, and Alexander 380 (which starts on Friday) mile distances through the beauiful farmland os southeastern Minnesota.

Spring Valley, Minnesota has many beautiful sights and activies to offer! Be sure to check some things out if you have extra time!



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