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Deerfield Bicycle Tour: The River Rolls Through It

Location: Deerfield, MA United States
Length: 5 Days
Dates: August 12 - August 17, 2018
Difficulty: Flexible
Cost: $1,595
Company: Historic Deerfield MA Bike Tours
Historic Deerfield MA Bike Tours
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Tour the beautiful Connecticut River Valley on this 5-day tour that combines active cycling and active learning.

Explore the Connecticut River Valley in western Massachusetts during this five day tour featuring some of the best cycling in America. Rides range from 25 to 50 miles and travel along scenic byways, quiet back roads, and bike paths. When riders are off their bikes, a variety of fun, optional learning opportunities will be available, from exploring the historic town of Deerfield, Massachusetts, with more than three and a half centuries of history, to learning about the geology and geography of the region.  The tour is a perfect blend of active travel and learning. 

The tour includes overnight lodging and meals at the award-winning Deerfield Inn, located in the center of the historic village of Deerfield and costs only $1,595 per person double occupancy.

Bike Tour Details

Deerfield Inn MA


Monday; Introduction To The Valley. 35 miles and 1210 feet of climbing.

Today is a 35 mile ride through several beautiful communities along the western bank of the Connecticut River. The route offers some spectacular views of the valley including views from the summit of Mt. Sugarloaf, one of our rest stops. You can choose to ride, walk or take our shuttle to the summit of this famous New England mountain. From here you'll see many of the communities you'll be riding through during the week. In the afternoon, participate in a walking tour of Old Main Street in Deerfield and a tour of the Old Burying Ground.

Tuesday; Brooks, Brooks and Waterfalls. 27 miles and 726 feet of climbing.

This ride includes six waterfalls and a book store with the curious motto, "Books you don't need in a place you can't find." Stop during the ride to take in the beautiful scenery, take some pictures or even explore some books "you don't need." Explore the Great Falls Discovery Center or visit some of the fun antique stores in Turners Falls. There’s a lot to see and do during this short-mileage day. Later in the afternoon, you’ll learn how geologic forces at work millions of years ago influenced the landscape you’ll see on this week’s rides.

 Deerfield Bike Tour Map

Wednesday; Pedal to Paradise City. 42.5 miles and 1285 feet of climbing.

Today's ride is a local favorite. You ride along the eastern side of the River and explore the westerly foothills. You can stop in Northampton to explore its many shops and restaurants. Don't forget to lock your bike and don't worry about anything you buy as we will take purchases back to the Inn while you finish your ride. At the end of the day, relax at our craft beer and cider tasting from local companies.

Thursday; Hilltown Half Century. 50 miles and 2,993 feet of climbing.

This is the tour's longest and most challenging ride with 50 miles and 3,000' of climbing. Today's ride is well worth the effort though as it takes you through the hilltowns west of the Valley with its charming communities, spectacular views and gorgeous roads. Don't forget to stop in Shelburne Falls to explore the Bridge of Flowers, grab lunch in a cafe perched over the Deerfield River or visit a craftsperson in their shop. 

Peace Pagoda Deeerfield MA

Friday; Poets and Peace. 38 miles and 1,986 feet of climbing. 

For our final day in Deerfield, we've created a ride full of culture and history. Today's ride takes you through the flat farmlands to one of the region's many college towns, Amherst, home to Amherst College which was founded in 1821. Here, you'll get a tour of the home of one of the town's celebrated poets, Emily Dickinson. The reclusive poet wrote nearly 1800 poems during her life though few were ever seen by the public until after her death. On our trip back to Deerfield, we'll climb Cave Hill Road in Leverett to experience the spectacular New England Peace Pagoda. You'll follow some familiar roads through Montague and Deerfield as you head back to Deerfield before you begin your travels home. 

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