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The Other South Of France by Peloton Magazine

December 06, 2017

In my previous career, I spent a week every February in Nice France at a trade show. High 50's in February felt like summer compared to the cold winters of Chicago where I lived. It is a beautiful area! This excellent Peloton Magazine article titled The Other South of France by Clive Pursehouse from Northwest Wine Anthem talks about the less famous area in The South of France, west of the well known cities of Nice and Cannes where cycling is almost perfect. Check it out here.

While reading it, I was reminded of my friend and owner of Outfitter Bicycle Tours who loves the Dordogne area, northwest of the area Clive writes about. My friend says it too is a glorious place to ride and drink wine.

If after reading the Peloton article, you want to learn more about it, reach out to Clive or Peloton, or take a look at these Dordogne tours from Outfitter Bike Tours. Most of what Outfitter offers are self guided tours, meaning your hotels and routes are planned, but you lead yourself and on your own schedule. 

Here are 4 of their tours ranging from 6 night Relaxed to 10 day Aggressive tours.

6 Night Relaxed Tour

7 Night Aggressive Tour

10 Day Relaxed Tour

10 Day Aggressive Tour

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